The Organisers

The Organizers

The Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE) serves to create networks among institutes and research facilities at the University of Heidelberg that are active in the area of environmental sciences. Going beyond the traditional boundaries of a specific subject or discipline, the HCE aims at providing academic solutions to existential challenges and ecological effects of natural, technological, and societal changes on humans. Because the complexity of today’s environmental problems goes beyond the analytical framework of any one method or discipline, the HCE employs a model of close interdisciplinary and integrative cooperation, combining perspectives from natural sciences, social sciences, and cultural studies.


The HCE strives to integrate central aspects of environmental research into teaching, scientific communication, and public discourse. This entails initiating, realising, and supporting interdisciplinary research and communication; organising interdisciplinary events in environmental sciences; communicating scientific findings to the public; and cooperating with scientific institutions both in Germany and abroad.


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Momentum Novum is a social enterprise that seeks to create a new momentum for sustainable development by offering educational and consulting services in the field of sustainable development. Among other activities, Momentum Novum uses innovative methods, such as design thinking workshops, simulations, scenario workshops and sustainable start-up labs, to find suitable and sustainable solutions to current challenges. The key assets of the social enterprise are its strong connection to academia, its large international network, and its diverse and highly educated team.


Momentum Novum strives to foster a new momentum for sustainable development by working with its clients and partners to understand the key challenges individuals, organizations, and the international community are confronted with and developing effective solutions for everyone. Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals, it is Momentum Novum’s goal to find solutions that guarantee the best possible outcome for the economy, society, and the environment.


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